Looking to replace your broken derailleur hanger? Below are the part numbers for derailleur hanger produced for Cannondale bikes.

Cannondale Derailleur Hangers Part Numbers

Platform Model Year Model Name Part Number
Adventure 2017-2020 Adventure KP284
Althea 2020 Althea KP284
2016-2018 Althea KP284
Bad Boy 2016-2020 Bad Boy 1 CK3327U00OS
Bad Boy 2, 3, 4 KP284
Bad Habit 2019 Bad Habit Carbon/Alloy CK3257U00OS
2016-2018 Bad Habit Carbon/Alloy KP381
CAAD Optimo 2017-2020 CAAD Optimo KP255
CAAD Optimo Disc
CAAD12 2016-2019 CAAD12 KP255
CAAD12 Disc
CAAD13 2020 CAAD13 Rim KP255
CAAD13 Disc K33009
CAADX 2016-2020 CAADX KP255
Canvas Neo 2020 Canvas Neo 1 CK3257U00OS
Canvas Neo 2 KP173
Catalyst 2016-2019 Catalyst KP284
Cujo 2017-2019 Cujo KP284
Cujo Neo 2019-2020 Cujo Neo 130 CK3257U00OS
2018-2019 Cujo Neo KP173
Fat CAAD 2016-2020 Fat CAAD KP173
Foray 2017-2019 Foray KP284
F-Si 2020 F-Si Hi-Mod K33040
F-Si Carbon
2019 F-Si Hi-Mod K33049
F-Si Carbon
2015-2018 F-Si Hi-Mod KP121
F-Si Carbon
F-Si Alloy
Habit 2019-2020 Habit Carbon/Alloy CK3257U00OS
2016-2018 Habit Carbon/Alloy KP381
Habit Neo 2020 Habot Neo CK3257U00OS
Jekyll 2018-2020 Jekyll Carbon/Alloy CK3257U00OS
2016-2017 Jekyll 27.5 KP173
Kids 2018-2020 Kids Quicks KP284
Kids Trail 20 & 24
Kids Cujo 20 & 24
2014-2017 Kids Race 24 KP284
Kids Trail 24
Kids Street 24
Mavaro Neo 2019-2020 Mavaro Neo City KP284
2018 Mavaro Neo 1, 3 KP284
Mavaro Neo City 1
Mavaro Neo 2
Moterra 2020 Moterra Carbon/Alloy CK3257U00OS
2017-2019 Moterra Neo KP173
Moterra LT
Quick 2020 Quick (Road Spec) KP255
Quick (Mnt Spec) KP284
2016-2019 Quick KP284
Quick CX 2020 Quick CX KP284
2018-2018 Quick CX KP284
Quick Neo 2020 Quick Neo Sl K33050
2019-2020 Quick Neo K33049
2018 Quick Neo KP284
Scarlet 2018-2020 Scarlet KP284
Scarlet Si 2017-2020 Scarlet Si Carbon/Alloy KP432
Scarlet Si Hi-Mod
Slate 2019 Slate K33049
2016-2018 Slate KP419
SuperSix EVO 2020 SuperSix EVO Rim KP255
SuperSix EVO Disc K33009
2017-2019 SuperSix EVO Carbon KP395
SuperSix EVO Di2 KP396
SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc KP395
SuperSix EVO Carbon Disc Di2 KP396
SuperSix EVO HM KP395
SuperSix EVO HM Di2 KP396
SuperSix EVO HM Disc KP395
SuperSix EVO HM Disc Di2 KP396
SuperSix EVO Neo 2020 SuperSix EVO Neo K33050
SuperSlice 2019-2020 SuperSlice CK3057U00OS
SuperX 2019-2020 SuperX K33049
2017-2018 SuperX KP419
Synapse 2019-2020 Synapse HM Disc K33049
Synapse Carbon Disc
Synapse Alloy Disc KP255
2019 Synapse Carbon KP158
2018 Synapse Alloy Disc KP255
Synapse Carbon KP158
Synapse Carbon Disc KP419
Synapse HM Disc
2017 Synapse Alloy KP255
Synapse Alloy Disc
Synapse Carbon KP158
Synapse Carbon Disc
Synapse HM
Synapse HM Disc
Synapse Neo 2019-2020 Synapse Neo Alloy K33049
SystemSix 2019-2020 SystemSix HM K33009
SystemSix Carbon
Tango 2016-2020 Tango KP284
Tesoro 2018-2019 Tesoro KP284
Tesoro Neo X 2020 Tesoro Neo X 1 & 2 CK3257U000OS
Tesoro Neo X 3 KP173
2019 Tesoro Neo X KP173
Topstone 2020 Topstone Carbon K33009
2019-2020 Topstone Alloy K33049
Trail 2015-2020 Trail KP284
Trail Neo 2020 Trail Neo 1 & 2 CK3257U00OS
Trail Neo 3 KP173
2018-2019 Trail Neo KP173
Treadwell 2020 Treadwell KP284
Treadwell Neo 2020 Treadwell Neo K33050
Trigger 2018-2019 Trigger Carbon CK3257U00OS
Trigger Carbon/Alloy
2015-2017 Trigger 27.5 KP173

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